Daehan Minguk Hapkido Europe

In april 2011 some European masters who support GM Choi Kil Bong came together in Frankfurt (Germany) for the International Referee Course.  Here the Daehanminguk Hapkido Europe was established and Master Guy Kusters was appointed by GM Choi Kil Bong as president of DHMG Hapkido Europe while master Gernot Lainer was appointed as vice-president.

GM Choi Kil Bong himself is the Technical Director of Daehanminguk Hapkido Europe.

The official inauguration of the Daehanminguk Hapkido Europe took place at 28th of October 2011 in Lanaken (Belgium).

GM Cho Doo Sang, Professor Lee Sang Wook, president Choi Bang Ho, vice-president Choi Kil Bong and president Guy Kusters at the official inauguration in Lanaken (B).

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